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Monday, June 20, 2011

problem? you problem. no work problem. no talk malay problem. hahaha!

homaigggoodd!!! cewah! looking like i`m try to be a miss london today. ahahah! don`t care at least i`m trying to improve it even thought there a lot of spelling error. ahhhaahah! today i really a little tired and exhausted because i`m already started duty in Flairis factory. but i really enjoy for the whole day in training class before i will send in production as the operator in the factory... 

what the funniest thing are i`m be train with the trainer name Mrs. Ju. she really lovely, kind and funny person and not arrogant with her position. in the class there are also have the foreigner from Myanmar and Bangladesh for the position operator same like me. the communication Mrs. Ju with local workers such as  us there are no problem at all but.. she really have big problem in communication with mymmar and bangladesh people.. hahaha!

you know guys, when i look Mrs. ju try to communicate with them, told about something fact and important thing about the factory, she looks like a crazy woman cause need to yelling and told them many times about the same thing. she also try to communicate with her body language like use her hand, props and many thing. she really give hard effort to make them understand it. but the foreigner just looking Mrs. Ju with their dull nob face. ahahah! it looks like chicken and duck try to communicate.. eheheh!

so pathetic Msr. ju... ahhahah! what a naughty girl, me and my friend only laughing towards them when in this situation. ahahaha! what i can't forget is when Mrs. Ju teach them some word and the Myanmar and Bangla pronouns in funny way cause they have twist tongue in some words hahhaha! 

leader = lidah

supervisor = superman

merah = mia

actually there are lot of words they have wrong pronouns but i couldn't remember all of them. what i remember is the bangla always said..

"problem.. problem.. me malay speak no problem, work yes, morning yes, night no problem... fighting no, drink no, haram.. haram.. black haram..problem..."

hahaha! actually the foreigner should learn to speak in English or in Malay to make them easy to get a job, but it looks like us need to learn and speak in their language.. it really make me feel i`m not in Malaysia but in Myanmar or Bangladesh.. *big sigh LOL...

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