...penulis boleh membuat aduan kepada pihak berkuasa jika mendapati hasil tulisan mereka diperdagangkan tanpa kebenaran. ia dilihat sebagai mencuri harta intelek...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

why i`m so excited today? weeewuuu~

yaw!!! girlfriend!!! cewah! motif? why i`m so excited today? weeewuuu~ i`m glad have done 2 presentation today... wow! even though i`m not ready well but i`m still can do it... thanx a lot Al-Mighty Allah because lend me a strength to go through every single day after i`m back from ganu... OOOMMJAAYYY! sounds like hiding something here...ahahaha! 

rose said my face look so pale such as collapse... she asked me did i not feeling well? outside i`m look ok but deep inside me sooooooooooo DISASTER! weeewwwuuu~

waiting for our turn.. lalalalal... huhuuhu

hello girl!!! chills beb! no need to remember all sad moment... live must be go on.. what is past is past.. yeay! ok i know it sounds hard for me to face it everything... but not impossible right? i`m strong girl maa.... *sambil usap kepala sendiri.. huhuhuh

i don`t know why this week i feel in gloomy mood...  oh damn! i feel like i`m lost in somewhere else.. maybe i`m too home sick... huh! only got 2-3 hours spend time with my mom at ganu.. then farewell with my cousin from umt and also her lovely friends, farewell with ina at unisza.. *cheers*go girlfriends! huhuh having unexpected surprise from ganu.. cis! if i knew it early i might try to avoid it happen.. but too late... because this sucks thing already happened in one or two weeks before i came on vacation in ganu... or maybe this is what others said "takdir"... haish.... *really need to learn what is redha ok... 

please!!! i need my spirit back! yaWW!!! final exam around the corner... please!!! be focus on your study right now eza! coz there no one who cares about you!!! you need to stand by yourself! prove to the others i can do it by myself!  ok stop! fooling around... i had waste so many time before this... need fully recovery.. chill up babe! *sambil kenyit-kenyit mata... hahahahha!

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