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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

when it was called in the past.


when it was called the past, is past. let it bygone be bygone. Am I right? this story was happened long time a go and I seriously forgotten about it. haha! so after so many ages I didn't log in into my blog suddenly I saw a comment was moderating wait for publish or delete. Then, I opened the comment and what make me full of surprise are it came from the one I wrote a post about him. hahahah! and you know almost 2 years I didn't read the comment. *rolling*

you see, I wrote this entry on Aug 14, 2009, it's about 7 years ago

he left a comment on March 4, on 2014. does he saw the date of the post? Oomaigad. he took for 6 years to realized what am I wrote about him haha! *seriously it's funny dude~ 

so many ages after he dumped me he left a comment just because of that post. Long time ago  I read again my post and I felt like what am I wrote? so immature writing haha~ *laughing of loud*  silly of me. time will pass and people will changed. and yes~ am totally changing. am not like the old ezazura am the new one. hallo it's in millennium era ok already 2016?!! hellyeaw~ how can I remembered bad moment happened in past few years, for me it doesn't make any sense towards me. huh?!

To him, I want to apologize for all the mistakes that have between us. From my side I've forgiven him for all the mistake he did to me. I just took it as "ujian/dugaan" from Allah to turn me into the best person who can rise our iman and know that everything in dunya it's not belong to us. :" )

P/S: I think I should do big cleaning on my post from past few years.

sekian, xoxo~

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